Worker’s Resume

Writing a workers resume is not the easiest thing to do. It is all about knowing what information should and should not be mentioned to the interviewer, and whether or not that information will help your cause in any way.

With some practice, however, it is possible to create a simple, yet effective resume if you think of it like writing an essay, and break it into a few, simple parts.


The Introduction of an effective resume should inform the reader of who you are – literally. You want to let them know your name, where you currently live, and how to contact you when needed.

Brandon Kelly

14926, 84th Street

Howard Beach, NY 11414

(718) 323-1791

The following sample shows this in a simple format:

Phone Number
Contact e-mail (It may be easy to have an email strictly for work purposes)

There is nothing too complicated about this part as long as you keep it this simple.

The second step is a bit more personal as it is all about a simple question: who are you? The goal in a summary should be to give the reader a good idea of who you are and what your goals are. It should be brief and the information should not be overly personal.


Undergraduate student at the City College of New York Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Major. Has background experience in mechanical and digital design and manufacturing. Currently furthering education in engineering and computer science. High communication and management skills.

Here, the reader is informed of who the person is (education-wise) and includes a mention of the background experience and current goals. It should be noted that the sample above is shorter than an average resume summary would be – even if marginally so. When writing your own resume, you are allowed to include some more information, but pay attention to what you write, and ask yourself some questions. Do I need to mention this to the reader? How does this information improve the image of myself that I am trying to present, and how can I build upon it?

Expanding on your summary is done in the following part of the resume. The difficulty here is clutter.

The background information portion is all about listing off details about your self, presenting the case as to why you are qualified for he position you are being interviewed for. Besides prior employment experience, the following bits of information could be helpful to include:

Formal/Current education: A learning background in a particular subject is appealing when applying for a specialized job. You can say you are a Harvard graduate, but if you apply for an accounting job, a local university business degree is arguably more useful. As such, you can be open about where you went to school and what you learned there.

Skills: A list of any talents you have that would be useful in the workforce. Surprisingly, there is more room here than expected at first glance. While you can write about how you have expert hacking or counting skills, you can also include some more subjective information, because you can be as appealing as a person than as a worker. Are you good working with others? Are you a resourceful or creative thinker? Do you like waffles? You never know what the person reading this document will want to read, so find what you think would be most appealing to the reader, and write it down.

Be sure to remember that pointless information is as toxic to your resume as relevant information is good for it


Brooklyn Technical High School New York, NY (9/2011 – 6/2015)
Grade Point Average: 3.2 (On a scale of 4.0)

Electrical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering Courses—————————–

Manufacturing Materials

Robotics/Mechatronics – Design, Manufacturing

Digital Systems Design



12/2012 – 10/2013 (6 hours during weekends) : Filing, Material Delivery

The Kelly Group Construction Co.

9/2011 – 8/205 (3 hours per day during weekdays) : Library staff, Student Affairs office staff

Brooklyn Technical High School



Autodesk Certified User

Knowledgeable in the operation of manufacturing devices including lathes, drill presses, 3D printers, and CNC mills.

Can readily manage large work groups.

Team Player


This draft of a resume is not the best formatted, nor the most effectively informative, but it does do its job. It presets who the applicant is, and tells the reader bit about them. Based on the information given, what kind of job do you think the applicant was applying for? Would you have hired them if given this sample? Give it some thought when writing your own worker’s application.